By Jim Gross

This discussion should help realtors take that tour you paid to make and get the most internet air play. Most VT companies don’t take you through the entire process. Most host your tour offering additional listings on sites like Realtor.com or Youtube at an additional fee. Here is the process to list them yourself throughout the internet.

1. Make sure the VT company gives you both the host address “http://” as well as the raw flash file. You will need both.

2. Upload the flash video file from your computer and share it with your Facebook friends. Let them know every time you get a new listing.

3. Most MLS’s want the host address (not the video file). Upload the http:// address. If it is too long for your MLS, shorten the address first using bit.ly.
Once on the MLS, Realtor search sites like Zillow.com and Trulia.com should pick up the video along with the MLS pictures.

4. Upload the video file to your Youtube account and make sure to list it by address, your name, company name. Fill out the tags for better Google optimization.

5. Realtor.com is the most important and a little tricky. If you have a “Showcase listing” you may upload the flash video file to your listing. Or, if your VT company has an agreement with Realtor.com they can upload the file or host address http:// for you. If you don’t have a Showcase listing ask if your VT company can upload it for you. Realtor.com charges them $20 to do this and they need to have a contract in place with Realtor.com to do this. Realtor.com is huge and the number 1 home search engine site. It is a good investment to get a showcase listing with them as it includes the tour upload.

6. Lastly, and most important, if you have a website, embed your listings on it. On the listings or featured page have the individual tours attached to each listing. Use a multi-player to show all of your tour listings as a playlist. The real advantage of embedding is that visitors don’t leave your site to the host site. Keep visitors on your site by embedding a playlist.