Jim Gross of Real Property Videos
Jim Gross

When considering the best way to show your property virtual tours there are several different platforms and styles to consider.  Many are self serve platforms which may include  software costs and monthly subscriptions.  This option works best for the tech savvy realtor who has time to devote to making their own tours. Full service options are available with companies making tours using your pictures and property description.

1.   360 degree tours show an entire room, but can be distorted and make viewers dizzy watching a 3 dimensional product on a 2D screen platform. Best for commercial and corporate.

2.  Virtual tour videos can be a stunning platform when produced by a professional home video company with appropriate additional lighting. Best for high end listings.

3.   Stitching software or fisheye lenses can create 180 room views as an option to show on a computer screen as they are not as distorted as true 360 degree views.

4.   Montgage style virtual  tours are popular as they easily incorporate  agents pictures, combining them with motion, transitions and music.

Some marketing platforms require a video file to be uploaded while others accept a link to a domain address. Here are a few current methods accepted to place links in your marketing.

1. Youtube: Need to upload a video file such as flash or mpeg formats.

2. MLS: Most MLS systems require a hosted domain address link. Non branded versions

3. Realtor.com: Free video file downloads or hosted links with a “showcase listing” Otherwise $20 per tour to add virtual tours.

4. Facebook: Either a hosted link posted on your wall or a video upload. In general, video uploads are better as they don’t send viewers off your page and give better control of the thumbnail picture.

5. Twitter: Accepts hosted links however you may need to shorten link names to include. Recently Twitter launched the ability to upload and share videos files.

6. For sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Google Base and other real estate sites it is best to ask your virtual tour provider about which sites they syndicate to. Also make sure that they offer branded and nonbranded versions of your finished virtual tour.

7. Websites: You can embed virtual tours or multiple players on your website keeping visitors on your website or you can post a property picture and link it to the domain address where your tour is listed.