Jim Gross of Real Property Videos
Jim Gross

Did you know that every time you post a link to your tour (which is hosted at the tour providers website) you are sending your customers directly to their site. It can be especially troubling on sites that play several types of videos where viewers may become interested in another show all together, losing interest in your property tour. Ok, it’s the price you pay asking someone to host a video for you, but maybe there is a better way… Oh, and each time you host a tour with a virtual home tour company you are giving them FREE inbound links to THEIR site – links that could be yours.  For realtors with single listings or no website of their own there are not many choices; but we are assuming here that real estate agents who have invested in their own professional real estate web sites would prefer to drive home buyers there and keep them long enough to have them email you a request to view a home. The only way to accomplish that is to embed a player on your site with all your listings.

It’s no laughing matter when you call a band width provider and ask them to quote you a price for a monthly package to be able to download your own videos, manage and stream them on your site. It’s well up in the hundreds a month, and the final cost is dependent on how many views, how long each show lasts, and the size of the downloaded tour –  total gigs! It’s a staggering question mark for any one agent or brokerage. Yet, the larger brokerages and real estate affiliates that sell to agents are seeing dividends from complete branding and personalization of their own real estate videos embedded on their own websites.

Knowing that individual agents will not be able to purchase individual CDN (content delivery network) plans alone, some providers allow multiple sub-user accounts where many agents can share the cost of one account and have individual private control over their videos and players. This topic is just beginning in the real estate industry because agents are just starting to use virtual tours. This is actually the best time however to decide how you will manage and display your virtual tours.  Here is an example of what a multiple player looks like on an agents website. Notice when you click on it, you never leave the site. In order to make this work, you need to be able to add some embed code to the page where you want the player. Then simply edit, add and delete videos from a control panel. All changes are real time to your player so that you don’t need to update your website.