Jim Gross of Real Property Videos

Jim Gross

In our continuing segment of virtual home tour marketing, I want to back track a bit and talk  more specifically about placement of real estate virtual home tours. A few readers asked for more information about embedding virtual tours on their real estate websites while others need video file versions for their blog or Youtube.

This seems complicated because so many possibilities exist for placing your virtual tours online. Some require video files like Flash, AVI or MPEG while others require a link. To make this entire process simple draw a flow chart starting with your home listing. Next add primary marketing targets such as the MLS, open houses, advertising, website listings, Facebook, Twitter or other social sites, referral online sites, Realtor.com, Craig’s List, Online ads, blogs, postcard mailers, mobile text blasts etc… you may have dozens! Please feel free to respond to this blog with your favorite marketing strategy for the benefit of other agents. Every one of these will allow for virtual links, video files, flyers with links or DVD’s with your tour. Now determine how you can include your virtual tour within each of your marketing arms. It should be a very cost effective way of sending potential buyers coming from any of your portals through the same path to view your tour and ask for more information or a property showing.

Once you have created lead sources focus on channeling potential buyers down the same path. Your goal is to make sure that the pictures and the tour look great so that as leads come they want to see more. I’ve said it before, ten good pictures are better than twenty-five ok ones.  One awesome shot is far better than ten good ones. But ten great pictures shown through a full screen, high quality virtual tour with music and motion will net more home showings than you will be able to handle… if you get the word out.