Jim Gross of Real Property Videos

Jim Gross

Up until now the race to make the best virtual tour has been fought competitively by companies juggling quality and band width cost while adding features. More and more features are being offered… from stitching software for true panoramic views, to printable brochures, agent links, downloadable files, maps and music choices. Most companies offer branded and non-branded tours for MLS placement. The big feature now is syndication to countless real estate sites.

So what is next over the horizon for real estate virtual tours? More agents are developing websites or blogs with the help of sites like Active Rain and Rebar Camps being held across the country. For many agents marketing will continue on building and maintaining a site featuring their listings. A simple virtual tour link just won’t cut it when trying to keep visitors on your site shopping your property listings.

Video players showcase your listings on a platform guaranteed to keep buyers where they belong… on your website. So, with a little modification you can keep your visitors excited to be shopping your virtual tours. There are three styles of real estate virtual tour video links:

  1. A simple property image linking to your tour
  2. Flash based technology also linking to tours
  3. Embedded playlist. Viewers never leave your site

While this technology is so new that virtual tour companies aren’t yet talking about it, web designers with a background in Photoshop, Flash production and Band Width Video accounts would be able to talk with you about choices. Typically, this would mean hundreds of dollars to pay a Flash designer or sign up for a costly individual band width account. The most affordable way to add sizzle to your tour website presentation is to sign up for a monthly subscription with a company that is already offering these services so you can share in the existing technology rather than reinventing it.

Real Property Videos has such a subscription and even provides weekly updates for homes listed or sold so that you don’t have to learn yet another new computer process.

See some examples of just how well a custom real estate virtual tour will bring your listings to life while keeping buyers on your website.