Jim Gross of Real Property Videos
Jim Gross

Real Estate virtual tours have a common bond with several  real estate industries. Not only are buyers looking for a home tour associated with a particular listing, but it is rapidly spreading to other segments where, up until recently, a few pictures said it all.

Brokers are learning that taking a little extra time after their listing has been properly staged to photograph the home, create and post a tour can pay off in big dividends. Property tours are taking off in virtually all real estate segments with over 85% of home buyers and renters starting their search online.

Home builders know that taking a few pictures of their properties is not enough anymore. Websites are continually being updated with new home virtual tour galleries where visitors can look deep inside a home and get a feel for features that a particular builder may specialize in. High resolution, full screen tours are not expensive anymore or limited to custom home builders. General contractors are using virtual tours to show everything from electrical and plumbing tours to appliance tours. There are some amazing flash players that can be customized to give your property menus a 3D look and feel. Builders can then embed these players on your website gallery as a portal into a home.

Property management companies and apartment complexes are renting right off their websites with tours that bring visitors inside the property. Companies that manage multiple properties can update an embedded video player right on their website with a current list of available properties. When a property becomes rented the property is simply sidelined off the player until it is ready to rent again. This technology is easy and affordable for property management companies. Apartments with a few different  model styles can utilize a great looking virtual tour menu to take guests to each of those properties to view online.

Resort Properties and hotels have long been aware of the benefits of a good virtual tour to show their properties from the outside pool areas to inside banquet rooms and sleeping rooms. More often than not, when someone rents a hotel room they will visit the website for a tour. While 360 degree tours are still the method of choice for resorts because of sprawling outside or lobby areas, they don’t always show well for inside rooms or homes as they make sharp turns that seem distorted.  Choose your tour style carefully. For more on virtual tour styles view this blog.