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Jim Gross

So let’s face it, following the purchase of a virtual tour membership or software, generally speaking, the learning curve begins. Just another three hours and you might make that 360 tour look like it is supposed to. I may be a little biased here as a developer of real estate virtual tours, but isn’t the idea to free up the agents so that they can sell real estate? That would imply, email the pictures to the virtual tour company in a folder and then wait for your finished tour link to be sent to you shortly thereafter.With that in mind, how come all the first page tour companies online are self serve for the most part?  

We decided that in response to stuffing features in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, we would start a club… totally free!! No monthly fees! A virtual tour club for people to show their properties, network with other agents, learn the best places online to send the links, and teach agents about good virtual tour website marketing. Then we back it up with a Facebook and Twitter virtual tour club page. We just started the Facebook page this week and are looking forward to some great tour links and conversations. Online home tour marketing is a new experience for most agents and sound virtual stewardship should be a part of the process of getting started in the right online direction. Regardless of who an agent might choose for their tour provider, the goal is to quickly get a marketing system down that is used for each tour. All the companies produce a link and most syndicate to the major real estate sites. But to really make your tours stand out in the rankings and get noticed a good internal system should be put into place starting with your first show. As the virtual tours populate real estate and social networking sites, more referrals, home showings and listings will follow. 

This is our first blog about the Virtual Tour Club, which is just beginning as we speak. We are asking for suggestions on what you would like to see happen on the website to support the club. We will be adding features over the next few months so visit often and drop me a line about your thoughts for the club.