Jim Gross of Real Property Videos

Jim Gross

We want to thank the agents that have taken the time to contact us about building various features into the “club.” Over the last week we have added several great pages to our website including a virtual tour editor in our members section. This is part play and part business for agents wanting to test drive our build-your-own tour without signing up. We have decided at this point to make the members section a log-in-free zone. Anyone can go there without having to sign in. This site has the only platform complete with virtual tour editor, streaming content and customizable multiple player. With the push of a button you can add or delete listings from the listings portfolio player that will be embedded on your website.

virtual tour

In talking with several of you it seems that two distinct areas are becoming of great interest in the real estate marketing scene: blogging and developing more customized websites for your visitors.  Up until this point, virtual tours formats have been primarily load your pictures and create a link sending your visitors to the hosting tour’s website. Just about all the tour companies work that way. Why not, it creates inbound links… for them. You pay them a fee to host your tour and then send your customers straight to their site. That only seems fair… right? Wrong. If you have a website or blog consider sending visitors to your page and keeping them there viewing your virtual tours.

All you need is a great looking player that is embedded on your site. Many online video sites (such as Youtube) give you the embed code so you just copy and paste into your site. It is a very simple process for anyone that can access your blog or website. Virtual Tour Club started out making high definition virtual tours for the real estate industry and continues that objective. The real emerging need however is to give brokers interesting and creative solutions for keeping viewers on their site where they may find the perfect home.

We will continue to develop the members section of the site over the next few months. Please drop me a line and let us know what other features you would like to see on the site making your virtual tour membership experience even better.