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Jim Gross

Bring your next listing to life. Agents need to consider local traffic, agent referrals and online buyers. Once you have created a system, you can duplicate it for each of your listings. I often hear agents say that for lower cost properties they will take their own MLS pictures or skip a virtual tour. However, well designed marketing programs that are duplicated for each listing give the kind of consistency that will lead to better listings and more frequent closings.

For your local traffic, listings will benefit with a written flyer or packet to be handed out at open houses, or in the property. There are buyers that are interested in “specs,” square footage, and room by room features flavored with a few professional pictures.

Over 85% of home shoppers are starting their property search online. To capture this market, you need to decide which sites will best convert traffic to your system. You should also choose how visitors will be directed to you. Decide on a least 20 sites where you can drop “link bait.” These are links to your website, blog or virtual tour portfolio listing all of your current listing tours. How will visitors be moved through your system?real estate software features

Visit our previous blog which lists many different real estate sites that work with realtors. Some offer free listings while other may charge fees. Take advantage of all the free social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Write and submit articles about various areas you specialize in to different real estate sites. If you don’t have your own website or blog where you can showcase your properties, design or buy one now. In general, other than listing pictures, descriptions and virtual tours on the MLS, your marketing efforts will best succeed with a site to send your clients to. Some agents have great luck (without a website) using a frequently updated blog. Choose to use a website, blog or both for your marketing. Active Rain has been successful launching marketing blogs for realtors that can be easily customized and recognized by Google.

You will keep visitors on your site longer by featuring a virtual tour portfolio of your listings on the front page.  Make it easy for guests to shop your listings. So, in summary, design a destination directory to send visitors to; put links to that domain on key real estate sites and make your online home tours accessible to guests on the first page of your website or blog.