Jim Gross of Real Property Videos

Jim Gross

When we started our website, Real Property Videos, I wish I had known some of the facts that I learned over the course of the difficult climb up the Google ranking ladder. I finally broke down and bought a program that would take me thru each line of code and the whole listing of important things to do for that extra push to get to page one.

Some of the things were honestly brutal, like… “change your domain name to include your keyword search term in it.” As I have learned, there is always another domain name out there to buy. They don’t typically lead to more sales. However, Yahoo seems to place major emphasis on the domain name for ranking, while Google will split the importance between three major areas:  keywords in the domain name, age of site and inbound links that use your keywords to link to your site. Also  important is fresh, relevant content on your site using keywords. The other thing I learned was that Google rates pages, not sites. Each web page should have a unique keyword and the sub domain and body text should include the relevant terms for that page. Google will first look at headings, bold text and the first few sentences for the content it needs. It may or may not continue with the rest of the document, so it’s best to put all the important keywords up front.

We decided to change domain names and rewrite our site. We forwarded our old domain name to the new site. Our original domain was Real Property Videos which we changed to Virtual Tour Club. Fortunately, the site we bought had been purchased 9 years ago and dumped (so there is some age with the site). We carefully renamed subdomains and use keywords in blogs that point to various pages. We started an aggressive campaign to increase inbound links from real estate companies and other relevant high ranking sites. We added delicious and Digg buttons on each of our key web pages to increase inbound social links and bookmarking. We added a Pay Per Click campaign to increase website traffic while we wait for Google to move us up the keyword ladder.

I would like to quote Larry with PhotographyForRealEstate.net in their recent article about SEO optimization: “The most powerful thing you can do to get top Google ranking for a given search term is get a domain name with the search term in it. Having the search term in the domain name is clearly more important than having fresh content, but it appears to be less important than the length of time a site is in google’s index.”

Real Estate agents can use this philosophy by buying a domain name like AlbuquerqueRealtor.net and focus the power of first page ranking locally in your area. If your domain is fairly new and not producing the search results, consider this option and find a web person who has a specialty in website keyword optimization.