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Jim Gross

Now that you have made the decision to get on board with some of the more commonly used on-line marketing tools you need to develop a consistent online marketing real estate system to use for each of your listings. The biggest mistake we see is agents that decide to use a photographer and virtual tour for some properties while taking their own photos for lower priced listings. You are looking to establish a marketing level of consistency that you can use in your listing presentations to prospective new sellers.

I once read an article that listed five core principles for starting a new business; they are:

1.  Solve A Problem

2.  Nitch Market

3.  Growing Industry

4.  Become Go To Expert

5.  Get Other People To Promote

I have lived by these core principles in running businesses. Solving a problem in real estate is easy, if you need to move… you need a place to live. By nature realtors are always keen problem solvers at the most basic level. Nitch marketing is a core principle of selling. Many if not most agents these days are trying to specialize in an area or type of sale that they can develop an expertise about. The real estate industry will continue to grow as the recession comes to an end. There are less agents today as a result of less demand for new homes. This is the best time to establish a nitch and expertise that the community will come to learn and respect about you. Getting other people to promote your property is a function of duplication. This is easy to achieve through the MLS, social marketing tools such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging and other on-line functions that should become a part of your daily practice. Most agents are still not using the basics of blogging, daily real estate tweets or tools such as the virtual tour MLS features.

Making a home look great through staging and set-up is important, however duplicating the effort is where a good photographer and virtual tour come into action. Most agents have no idea that in many markets they can get a professional real estate photographer that knows how to deal with glare, shadows and even minimal staging for under $100. Many of these pros can also create and host a virtual tour, usually within a day or two. Even better, they can consult with you on placing your tour on key sites like Realtor.com. Trulia, Zillow, Google, Youtube, Yahoo and scores of others. Some automatically syndicate your real estate shows to many sites with a push of a button. With 85% of home searches starting on-line this provides an amazing value to your home seller and gives you the perfect on-line marketing exposure that you need to win great listings over and over.

In closing, if you can develop a plan to tackle all five of these core principle within your real estate business you will most likely achieve success regardless of where the economy is heading. Happy Home Selling!!