Jim Gross of Real Property Videos
Jim Gross

There hasn’t been much content devoted to music chosen to make a virtual tour stand out. That is probably because most virtual tour providers don’t work in a music studio. My initial thought as I searched for real estate virtual tour platforms was that the music was vastly underrated. Music on tours ranged from very poorly recorded production music to completely illegal copyrighted hit songs. Unfortunately companies such as ASCAP and BMI have made it unobtainable for normal businesses to secure rights to sync a song to pictures or video. They know that other countries have successfully sold annual  blanket licenses (to play artists copyrighted music)  to videographers, photographers, studios and other music production businesses providing millions of dollars to spread among their artists. This concept could bail the ailing music industry out much faster than suing individuals for copyright infringement.  But enough about copyright issues… the bottom line regarding  using someone elses music is… just don’t do it. So what’s left? Royalty Free companies that record and license music for corporate use. It has become very affordable and most allow you to pay a fee (maybe $50-$60) once and then use the song for life for corporate use. One such company is MusicBakery.com.

So why is the music so important? On the internet there are two senses being used (if you don’t count feel from touching the keyboard) they are sight and sound. A great soundtrack can make the load 50/50. That is great if you have junky pictures like most tours are using. Perhaps the music can help draw people into the tour. But if you have professional photographs the music will work hand in hand. If the property has stunning features, the viewer is not really paying attention directly to the music. If the music is perfect for the property however, it will completely draw the viewer in leaving them wanting more. So either way, with great pictures or not, the music becomes a key ingredient! So why then has the music not really been at the forefront of a great tour? I believe it is because the legality of copyrighted music has left most providers without a clue as to how best to solve the music issues. Since agents have not been demanding higher quality music – it’s left alone.

Our tours use much of our own music. We write, record and submit music to the platform that we use for our tours.  While it is not yet perfect, the music has come a long way over the past several months. Visit our site at virtualtourclub.com and click on the flash homes to listen to how the music dramatically changes the tone for each tour. The next time you make a virtual tour for a home listing, think about the impact of the music as well as the photos.