The biggest question one might ask is why would someone switch gears from  a 30+ long career as a musician to start a new business photographing homes. Honestly, I struggle with that one daily, but there is something to be said for becoming too complacent in one’s job. When you can be sitting in front of 300 people playing “Malaguena” while having a casual conversation over your shoulder with the wait staff, things are just a little too comfortable.  Making the switch to real estate photography from a performing arts background feels good. About a year ago I purchased my first round of photography pro gear including a nice Canon, wide angle lens, lighting, pro tripod and computer post production software. Learning to shoot in high definition has been a real challenge. It’s back to basics… I can’t even chew gum and focus the camera straight. Frankly, I am loving it!
Music will always be a key component in my life. As we speak I am beginning my second flamenco album. Also key is my involvement to help improve the quality of music being used with virtual tour production. The popular platform I am using has chosen several of my pieces as well as other high end music production selections. The sound is one area where I believe I can make a real difference and help the virtual tour industry to raise the standards.

The music “business” has taken a huge hit in recent years with the advent of the iPod and dwindling CD brick and mortar stores. Seems that most record companies are so desperate that they have turned to suing people for copyright infringement as a major source of their income. Selling music is not a straight forward process anymore.

Real Estate has taken an equal hit causing agents to reinvent their marketing systems. This usually means a complete overhaul of online marketing sources such as Facebook, Twitter and online real estate sites such as Because media can only take two forms online (sight and sound) it is vital to make sure that both of those are of high quality. Agents are turning to professional real estate photographers and the use of virtual tours to include motion and music. Most MLS systems now include a virtual tour media field for agents.

This has left a window open for photographers wanting to learn how to specialize in architectural photography. It’s not like shooting weddings or families. Homes don’t move, but lighting is a huge factor. A good photographer will walk room to room and decide how to deal with lighting and shadow issues that exist. During the day, light pouring into a window can fool the camera and “blow out” an entire room. So… it’s like starting all over again. The concentration, networking on photography forums and reading daily. Practicing shots in different lighting situations has become a daily routine. Getting tips from the many photographer friends I have made in the wedding industry has been a blessing. I even find myself being friendly to agents and home owners as I am excited about shooting their home. Career burn out can be a bad thing – change can be excellent… if it is for all the right reasons!