Jim Gross of Real Property Videos

Jim Gross

Most pictures taken by agents can be cleaned up in special software designed to brighten, crop, color balance and straighten the photo making a non-professional photo taken by a realtor look really great. While hiring a professional real estate photographer will always give the best results, many agents are still taking their own MLS photos. Some areas of the country are really taking off with real estate photographers being the norm, while others including New Mexico where we are, still are predominately agents taking their own photos. It’s a fact that working real estate photographers like myself would like to see every agent using a pro; however, it’s not a recession based reality. Still the one thing that bothers me most is looking inside a magazine an agent paid big money for only to see dark, crooked and unbalanced pictures. If only they had taken 30 minutes to tweak them with post production software, their property would stand out.

So, we designed a low cost virtual tour which includes manually optimizing up to 25 photos and then creating and hosting a virtual tour. (We do all the editing – agents just email us the folder containing the pictures).

Here are just some of the things that we can edit in our pixel tour: white balance, blacks, fill light, clarity, vibrance, contrast,  saturation, color balance, split toning, shadows, distortion, rotation, change scale, crop, lens vignetting, adding grain, cloning out basic things such as people in mirrors, time/date stamps. Other add on services include fireplaces and sky replacement. Virtual staging is a future possibility.

Agents can use the improved pictures and included virtual tour on the MLS, Twitter, Facebook, Realtor.com, Blog or any online marketing source.