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Jim Gross

It is important to allow ourselves to grow professionally in many facets of our real estate profession. We often can learn tips and get advice by working with professionals on staging, photography, virtual tours and social marketing. Depending on the job however, a realtor may not bring in the entire team for every new listing. In fact, in many areas, a vast majority of brokers are still taking their own MLS photos. Without the help of seasoned pros, agents are often forced to submit images that look dark, out of balance and may not stand out on the MLS.

Real estate photography is at-best difficult however. Lighting, shadows and window glare still fool the best cameras making the shot look dark and “blown-out”. Blown out shots may keep viewers from seeing an amazing landscape out the window because of the imbalance of light pouring in. What realtors don’t know is that most professional photographers spend as much time in post production with  their photos as they do at the shoot site. I generally spend about two hours in post production for every hour I shoot. Much of that is due to dealing with “bracketing” sets of images for enfusing high definition shots. Even before that however, I was spending one to one time.real estate software features

As realtors continue to hone their photography skills and cameras become more user friendly, a real need has begun for solid advice aimed at the non-professional photographer for taking better MLS pictures. Obviously, best results will always come from the professionals; and a pro should always be used for listings that need to “pop.” For realtors that would like to continue to take their own MLS pictures, Virtual Tour Club is offering a series of on-line webcast style training sessions for multi agent offices. These are 45 minute training workshops aimed at teaching groups of agents better MLS photography skills. Locally, in person workshops will be offered. Eventually half day workshops will be developed to encompass a much broader view of the entire process from staging to listing on Realtor.com, blogs and social marketing sites.  Each session will include an on-line book for better MLS photography for each agent attending.

Even better, as we complete this book over the next two months, watch for our blog as we will publish sections of the book here (just in case you can’t wait for a seminar to come to your office). These seminars will be available on line at Virtual Tour Club by January 1, 2011. So read our blog for great tips and start the new year off by increasing your photography skills and making your MLS photos stand out!