Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

So as if blogging, Facebook and Twitter weren’t intensive enough, here is yet another way to reach out to potential buyers and sellers. Internet broadcasting also known as WEBCASTING takes full advantage of the “now” generation. Imagine a realtor at an open house sending a live streaming video webcast to all his/her Facebook friends announcing the open house as it is happening. They are being broadcasted via their laptop camera. Guests are able to see the living room or yard without even breaking out a camcorder. They follow the announcement up with a full virtual tour. Amazing… huh? This technology is not new, but it is very expensive to buy for the individual agent. Companies like Virtual Tour Club will soon be offering very affordable time slots for realtors to use in their online marketing efforts.

Last year I messed around with this technology using it for musicians to give live online concerts to all their friends. Then I added it to my real estate website to embed virtual tours for property management and real estate companies.

Virtual Tour Club TV Channel

Virtual Tour TV Channel

Now, I have discovered the perfect way to utilize this technology. We always wanted to do realtor photography and virtual tour training sessions in real estate company sales meetings outside of our neck of the woods in New Mexico. But, it was too costly to fly for a 45 minute workshop. Not anymore… with high speed internet and a computer monitor at the agency site we are in any sales meeting in the world – instantly! We can share information on my computer screen or talk to attendees via a video camera. Oh, did I say that the agents don’t have to be in the meeting? If your office has 100 agents but only 10 show up, the other 90 can log on at home while they are on their sofa with a laptop. Maybe they are one of the tech savvy ones that have their internet hooked up to the TV. Even better!! So, I have started these training workshops every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time. I still like the music portion so I end every workshop by playing a guitar piece. The sessions are all recorded and can be played on-demand at any time. The best part is that through December they are all free! Check it out at Virtual Tour Club TV.