Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

Moving forward to a new year brings great new advances for real estate agents. One thing that will be a sure bet is that online marketing technology is king. Real estate agents will benefit greatly from combining all the online marketing strategies such as blogging, utilizing social marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, and making sure that their listings are optimized well for online real estate sites such as the MLS, Realtor.com, Truila, Zillow and scores of other home listing sites.

Just running words and a few pictures down a Facebook wall however may not be enough to compete with other savvy business people that are using video and professionally produced photos to deliver their messages to their audience. In this world of fast paced video and TV people need to have several senses engaged simultaneously in order to fully gain their attention. The power of live stream broadcasting is just a few clicks away with most new laptops including onboard web cameras and microphones. You can actually be sitting in the beautiful living room at your listing while recording a completely live invitation to your online social friends to come and check it out. If you have texting blasts set up you can even send messages this way. Reinforce your open house with live streaming video. Up until recently, the hardest part about making this work has been the high expense and technical difficulties getting it all to work. There are however groups such as Virtual Tour Club that can actually coordinate your broadcast for you on one end while you stream it live at your end.

Virtual Tour Club TV Channel

Virtual Tour TV Channel

If you have a great property to show off, then go live with it letting everyone know that they are invited to come by and see it. For this style of promotion we are not talking about using a camcorder to tour the property (as that should be done under controlled circumstances by a professional) but rather just a blast from your laptop. It’s simple, straight forward, easy to produce – yet very hi-tech. Within the production after the invite you can always play a virtual tour of the property. Think of this like a television remote where an anchor person is broadcasting talking to someone at their place of business. This style is not for shy realtors however. It’s gutsy, glitter and takes some hamming it up to feel comfortable becoming your own real estate anchor person.