Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

If you are plugged in with social networks and blogs, then no doubt you are uploading listing pictures and maybe even a virtual tour link down your wall for everyone to see. But it doesn’t have to stop there.  There are some things you can do to really let people know about your open houses.

1. Make an open house invitation image like the one here. Place it on the front of your virtual tour.

2. Use the Twit Pic feature to run your open house invitation.

3. On Facebook you can also use the photo upload feature to send an invitation.

4. Take your laptop to the listing and you can record a personal video invitation and place on Facebook.

 5. You can make a generic video style invitation that you can use for different properties.

6. Always use a virtual tour and nice photos to reinforce your invitation, they can be added as a separate file so that you can piece together elements for different properties.

Think of it like this. If you have several outfits you can often mix and match to change the look with your mood or day. This is really no different. Hire a videographer – photographer for a day and ask him to give you 5-10 elements you can reuse on different platforms. You may use a fancy 3D flash menu on your website to show your virtual tour. While on your blog you embed a player that has several property listings. On your social media you want to be very fluid with property images and invitations that can be updated easily. Have some quick video that you can play that is generic. Make sure to have branded and non-branded versions of your virtual tours handy. You want to use a different media form each time to keep your message fresh.

In closing, when you start compiling lots of useful information about yourself such as a fun bio video you never know where it may lead you. As an example, when I record my workshop every M/W/F, I always end by playing a song on guitar. I usually do this to warm up and practice so that I can record some music in the studio after each workshop. You might find you have hidden talents you have secretly wanted to develop.

So think of your online marketing as more of an art form and have a great time with it!