Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club
Jim Gross

Marketing homes online, MLS picture repair, virtual tours, agent workshops and real estate broadcasting. They sound worlds apart, but actually are all dependent on each other to work.  Great source material in leads to a powerful message out. In the music industry we often say that when recording it’s hard to mess up a great performance with bad mixing; but, on the flip side, all the reverb and digital delay in the world won’t make a bad performance shine.

So how do they relate? In order to market your property on the internet it is first critical to treat all the pictures to post production software to make them bright, straight and color balanced. On the MLS these photos will be tiny and they will be competing with 100’s of other photos for that “eye candy” appeal that motivates a “click”. With or without a professional photographer, all photos will greatly benefit from some editing post production.

Once the pictures look really great then you are ready to post to the MLS and send the pictures to your virtual tour provider. If you are taking your own listing pictures then photography workshops will teach you and your office real estate tricks of the trade for photography and post production. This way, you can eventually process your own MLS photos and make them really shine.

Real estate Broadcasting is taking your tours and pictures to the next level. Now you are learning to combine the real power of live video streaming (to announce your property on your social media) with your great looking home images and virtual tour. You will combine live announcements and screen capture all from your laptop. All of this will be recorded so that you can include your message as a video file on Facebook or Twitter.

So we have addressed the pictures, tours, training and broadcasting to make an unstoppable online marketing package for your homes.