Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

When you are ready to bust through the sea of weak real estate social marketing… there is a much better way to invite friends to your next open house – Real Estate Broadcasting. This is fresh, fun and not even out-of-the-box technology. It’s so new that we are trying to figure out how to use it at Virtual Tour Club. We have been playing with the technology since early 2010 and have built a real estate platform around live broadcasting. At this stage we are in a Beta Test Mode. We don’t know how long that will last, but certainly until we get the bugs worked out. We are looking for a few tech savvy agents in different luxury home markets to help beta test this new exciting real estate marketing technology.

To make it work you will need a listing with high speed internet, or access to a 4G USB router.  You will need a fairly fast laptop with webcam technology built in and a social media account with Facebook or Twitter to send your broadcast to. While you are broadcasting at your listing about the property, we are on our end capturing it and adding your virtual tour and pictures of the property. Broadcasting will work best on properties that have had professional pictures and a virtual tour. You do not have to use our virtual tour service in order to use the broadcasting service. We can capture your tour from any hosted address.


Real Estate Broadcasting

The idea here is to create a buzz down your social marketing wall using LIVE webcasting. We combine it with your pictures and tours using our streaming bandwidth account to make it LIVE, real time as the announcement is happening. Many of your friends will catch it while you are talking broadcasting from your property. You can invite them to an open house or perhaps just show off the property a little. It is live video combined with your professionally produced MLS media such as pictures and tours. It’s OK if they didn’t catch it while you were webcasting because it is recorded and you can import the video to play on Facebook or even YouTube. Real estate broadcasting will be the coming trend and Virtual Tour Club has designed a home marketing broadcast platform that is easy to use and will be very effective in getting your message out. Give us a call to try it out for your next listing.