Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

Our tour platform just added the ability to import music from our computer to add to the virtual tour. That opens up endless possibilities for creating music for various tour styles. When we are not in the mood to create, we can always purchase a nice piece of production music from sites like Music Bakery. Several of the current choices at Virtual Tour Club currently include music from my last flamenco guitar album, Sandia Moment. But as we are doing more tours that are not South Western, we are looking more carefully at developing music that will really support the style of home for each virtual tour. I think for many tour platforms  the music is more of an after -thought. It often shows with music that does not fit the property or current owner. If I have photographed a home and the owner is an elderly couple, I will generally try and find something that would fit their style.  The sound makes up 50% of what visitors will experience when viewing a tour, yet it seems like 1 or 2% thought goes into most tour music.

Carousel Studios

Worse yet are tours that are using copyrighted music behind their tours. Since most of the customers using our platform are professional real estate photographers, they already are very tuned-in to copyrighted pictures. The presumption is that few would use copyrighted music on their tours that they do not own. It is so affordable to purchase great sounding production music for any style to use over and over. Our Sister company, Carousel Studios would be delighted to create music for any tours that you have coming up.