Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

Albuquerque Virtual Tour Club designs a real estate show for the busy broker wanting a professional video tour marketing tool. Agents still need two versions: IDX branded version with contact information, website, agent bio, pictures, agency logos and phone numbers. The branded version can be used for real estate sites such as Realtor.com. The MLS requires a non-branded version of the same tour.

A virtual tour is only as good as the pictures. High definition can make a great property look even better. Poorly optimized pictures likewise will look terrible on high definition platforms. In general, we suggest that all pictures are carefully treated in post production editing software prior to posting pictures on the MLS or making a tour.

Virtual Tour Club offers a Photo Fix tour ideal for real estate agents that have taken their own pictures. Our graphics team will brighten, crop, color balance or otherwise optimize images. Advanced options are available such as adding fire to a fireplace or replacing skylines. Making your pictures look their very best will insure a dynamic real estate show. Room descriptive captions and text enhances the visual tour effect.

Making a tour should not mean having to buy and learn software and complicated camera angles. Our designs feature YOUR images made by our team so that you do not have any software to learn or use. Agents are busy with listings, closings, showing property and marketing activities. Making a compelling virtual tour should be as easy for an agent as emailing the picture folder to the virtual tour company. FULL SERVE… what a concept for the busy agent. That has been Virtual Tour Club’s position from the very start.