Jim Gross of Virtual Tour Club

Jim Gross

Marketing Homes Online has put together a 30 minute training webinar for real estate companies that will really help agents make their MLS listings shine. Agents will focus on taking better pictures, using editing software to brighten pictures, making virtual tours on the MLS, open house webcasting and using social marketing for real estate.

Our workshop series is aimed at training realtors in some of the areas they don’t cover in real estate school, yet are vital to a professional listing that stands out. Real estate photography is tricky (even for the pros) because of the differences in lighting from room to room. Much of this can be remedied with post production software. We will cover taking photos for non professionals, staging the home, lighting, straightening, color correcting and brightening pictures.

We cover different types of virtual tours and how to place them on the internet for best exposure. Our workshops now incorporate forward thinking social media home promotion strategies such as producing real estate webcasts for new listings. These can be advertised on a blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Agents now have the ability to give a live webcast tour of the property and stream it to their friends or fans.

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