Jim Gross of Marketing Homes Online

Jim Gross

For the past year Real Estate Video Talk has brought the latest in real estate technology. We feature great ideas for home sellers and buyers alike looking to stage their home, take solid photographs, add virtual tours and market properties online. Earlier this year I joined Keller Williams in Albuquerque, NM as an associate broker and have been looking at the very real problems from the inside. It has given me insight as to what agents are up against in this stagnant economy. I have spent hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) researching online marketing and subscribing to various programs.

I can honestly say that without a market nitch and screaming good marketing programs for our clients that newbie agents do not stand a chance in this market place. Proactive marketing including telemarketing, open houses, print advertising, blogs and social media campaigns are all necessary in this market. But what about a nitch? Something different? Not everybody can do expired listings, retired or military relocations. I am learning that you have to do limitless research and create a new market or find a new way to tap into an existing one.

Market Insider Keller Williams Albuquerque

Market Insider Keller Williams Albuquerque

The new property search systems that are offered on the MLS are a great way to stay in touch with people that are looking for real estate. I am trying to get a drip campaign going for every one of my prospects. “Drip” meaning that the MLS will automatically send new properties via email to clients that match their features, as they come on the market. Keller Williams has contracted with Market Leader to offer a brilliant way to allow buyers to use Market Insider to create their own saved searches. What is so great here is that it is designed for people looking online for real estate. The customer gets all the control to search and save at their leisure. People seem to love that!! Market Insider extends way beyond looking for homes. There is lots of great info about the community as well. Look for more about Market Insider as I gain more experience with it in the future.