Jim Gross of Marketing Homes Online
Jim Gross

Albuquerque’s real estate market provides buyers new and exciting opportunities. With interest rates dropping under 4%, more first time home buyers are reaping the benefits of great home deals. Most of the home buyers we are seeing today do not have the time to drive all over town looking for the right house. They are shopping online, often months before they find an agent to work with.

The latest home search tool to come onto the Albuquerque real estate scene is “MARKET INSIDER.” It seems that Keller Williams has found a new nitch seamlessly integrating this outstanding tool into its arsenal for home buyers to use. I think we are seeing a transition online where home buyers are educating themselves with knowledge to make the best decisions for their home purchase. Here are just a few of the great benefits that market Insider visitors can choose to use.

  • Market Analysis
    Understand the difference between “listing prices” (what sellers are  asking for) and “sold prices” (what buyers are willing to pay). By  comparing these price trends, you’ll have a good idea of where the market is  heading. The median listing and sold property prices are calculated based on  the market activity each month.Free Real Estate Market Search
  • Community Information
    Gain valuable insight into a community by looking at household incomes, crime  risk, education levels attained, and potential for extreme weather. Use the map  to locate points of interest like shopping, restaurants, and healthcare services.
  • Local Schools
    The quality of a school can greatly influence home values in an area. On this  page you’ll find detailed information on school districts, school ratings, test  scores by grade, student-teacher ratio, and much more.
  • Compare Areas
    Compare where you live to a new location or multiple areas using current information on community summaries, market stability, schools, listing vs. sold price, buyer vs. seller market, and even smoking bans.
  • Insider Tips
    Explore a wealth of information that will help you better understand the factors that impact the real estate market. Consider this page your reference library for resources, tips, and  techniques.