Jim Gross of Marketing Homes Online
Jim Gross

Following many of my Albuquerque friends in their 50’s, earlier this year I found myself at a crossroads with my business. After entertaining for 20 years, at more than 4,000 weddings and corporate events, my phone stopped ringing. It was as if someone unplugged the phone jack (I would check daily). The calls for guitarist and entertainment came to a screeching halt as brides figured they could cut music completely out of the budget and replace it with their uncle and his iPod for free. People were looking to cut anywhere they could. Many of my musician friends lost their music income; the NM Symphony went bankrupt; people stopped supporting the local music industry!

So, about March I decided to get a real estate license and jump in with both feet. My friends would ask – is real estate any better? I would say, well no, but iPods have not taken over real estate agent jobs yet…

I know there are so many people out there like me wondering can I really make a career change so late in life, YES! Once I got over the fact that I would not play guitar until I retired, I thanked God for all the many great gigs and the opportunity to do what I was so comfortable with.

Time to branch out into a new chapter. I chose to join Keller Williams in Albuquerque. While this business of contracts is enough to make a simple musician’s head spin, the people at KW really make it all worthwhile. They understand and embrace change, growth and support. If I ever had to go back into the workplace, I honestly could not think of a better place to begin. It seems as though the entire company nation-wide is experiencing the same surge of learning new technology, systems and support… all at the same time! There are so many agents posting great tips on how to succeed that I hardly know where to begin.

This is a season of change and a time for growth both personally and professionally. At the end of a long search it’s reassuring to know there are 1,000’s of other people in my company all pulling together to be successful. On days when the economy gets me down, I turn to other realtors and let the successful pros re-energize me (this is a perk that I never had working in the music industry). I see this as a life enriching challenge – finding the passion that I had with music and making a difference in Albuquerque real estate.