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Jim Gross

The world of real estate has finally caught up with other industries offering high-tech professional tools to everybody. First came the ability to find lower fares than a travel agent could online. Then came cameras offering 12 mega pixel resolution, camcorders offering high definition and recording studios in a box for every musician out there with a few hundred bucks. Real estate buyers have been able to use a limited version of the MLS for years. Agents have learned that giving potential buyers much broader access to listing data creates a customer that is savvy and ready to buy. Some of the more advanced searches include the ability to sort preferences, save searches and have homes meeting their exact preferences emailed to them daily to look at online.

At the same time, agents should be able to scan information about the city, schools, crime statistics or just about anything to plug them into the local market… realtime! It’s no more about mailing a relocation packet out of state, now when that right home hits the market through the local MLS, it get’s sent out the same day.

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So what are the dangers of giving out this much information to buyers. After all, why do they need an agent if they can find the perfect home without ever sending us an email? The same reason it has been for the past fifty years – listing agents represent the seller. Their job is to get the most for the house that they can. As a buyer making an offer directly to the listing agent, do you really want to divulge exactly how much you have been preapproved for before your offer has been accepted? Do you want to go it alone with inspections when renegotiating a few items?

The best strategy, being that generally buyers do not have to pay an agent commission, then is to leverage the power of the internet to search for Albuquerque homes and along the way develop a relationship with an agent that will help you negotiate the best deal.