Jim Gross of Marketing Homes Online
Jim Gross

Albuquerque NM, like most other cities has experienced the fallout of the current recession. Much attention is devoted to questions like: When is the right time to buy or sell a house? Have we reached the bottom in Albuquerque? How do I compete to make my home desirable enough to draw solid offers in a city with 1,000’s of homes for sale? Coming from the wedding industry I would tell bride and grooms that the most successful parties happened when the B&G “worked the room.” They were giving hugs at the front door, spending time on the dance floor, at the bar with friends, moving from table to table… just everywhere.

Selling a home is no different! You need to work all the networks where buyers are spending time. Good realtors know where buyers are hanging out. One misunderstood fact from sellers is that the agent already has a buyer in their hip pocket ready to buy. This generally is not the case. But realtors know where to find buyers and their agents. They network with them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. They send out blasts to their offices and hold tours with groups of realtors. They get a buzz going about their new listing. This is why the first few weeks of a listing are so vital to moving the property.

Many don’t do open houses, but that is one way to find a buyer. We try to add one new element each day. In a month that is 30 different sources…  Initially, it is vital to develop great source material. Pictures taken by a realtor generally won’t produce results necessary to sell in this market. Also, every hundred dollars spent with a professional stager will return several times that. The source material and the home need a polished professional look. Virtual tours and professional brochures create quality source material. Secondly, the home needs to be priced right. When a house is first listed it tends to get the most action within the first month. It’s important to use that window to find the right price and bring buyers in:

  1. Professional pictures
  2. Staging consultation
  3. Develop good source material
  4. Price home right

These are just a few of the first steps to get you on your way to selling your Albuquerque home. Interview several agents and see who has the most solid system and track record. Are they open to using everything from Craig’s List and Realtor.com to open houses and social media? Do they blog about their listings? How do they reach out to the agent community. The MLS is not enough in this market to guarantee your home sale. Use these initial steps to launch a solid marketing plan to sell your home.