Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyPicture this house is a new online video series that teaches some of the easy tricks for taking better home pictures. It’s a free training series aimed at anyone interested in learning what it takes to make better images leading to selling real estate more quickly.

Albuquerque real estate photographer and agent Jim Gross has taken the lead role in a national awareness series to help train agents on the best ways to use cameras, post production software and virtual tours to make more effective listings.

Real estate pictures are the single most important factor for the 82% of home buyers starting their online home search. Yet, they are often the most overlooked causing a home to double or even triple the amount of time needed to sell. Even worse, poor pictures can cause multiple price reductions to gain the same attention that professional pictures would have accomplished within the first weeks of listing.

While real estate photographers are worth every penny of investment in the selling of a home, agents that have decided to take their own photos can learn a few skills quickly to make the images brighter, straighter and sharper… leading to more showings.

Picture This House

Picture This House Training Series

Picture This House online video series will launch in March 2012.