Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographySo how do you find the best balance between up-front marketing costs and getting good exposure for a home listing? What kind of marketing does it take to make an average home really stand out on the internet? 90% of all home buyers begin their search on the internet, where the average MLS picture size is about 1 inch.

The norm of a particular market will drive where agents and home owners spend their marketing dollars. If you do not hire a professional photographer in New York, more than likely the home may not get a second glance. But in Albuquerque, the industry is just beginning to see the value of spending dollars on the front end and how that can lead to a quick sell, often for a higher price.

In markets like Albuquerque where 75% of homes are photographed by amateurs the door is wide open for a great looking marketing package to be designed making a home garner great interest early in the listing. Generally, great home photos that can control light issues caused by windows and glare take a specialized type of training that only real estate photographers are equipped to handle. The very best high-end professional cameras are completely fooled by the same light issues that fool lower end prosumer cameras. Techniques such as enfusing, bracketing shots and high definition are a few ways that real estate photographers deal with lighting issues that exist in homes.

In this case a photographer may take up to 9 shots of the same picture at various exposure settings, bracket them and then enfuse them in professional software such as Adobe Lightroom. Adjusting for white balance and adding detail typically produces an image that is crystal clear at almost any time of the day.

So, does your home need this kind of marketing? Spend some time on the internet looking over homes that have recently sold, compare to homes that have been sitting and then measure which have better online marketing campaigns. Try to determine what elements the marketing includes such as professional photos, virtual tours, videos, websites, and color brochures.