Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyI’ve run across so many listings in Albuquerque that don’t get a second look because of a bad cover shot.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think the owners are trying to go out of their way to not sell their house, but it almost appears that way at times. Why would anyone put together a marketing strategy to sell their house that does not include a killer front cover shot?

As a real estate photographer and broker I now have the ability to see both sides of the fence. I have learned that it’s the big opening shot that motivates buyers to go view a home. It’s the bones and price that ultimately sell it. Many homes have the latter, but will not sell because buyers are never drawn to it in the first place.

So the house does not have great curb appeal. Solution, shoot it at twilight. Everything looks better at twilight. Turn all the lights on, hose down the driveway , put your camera on a tripod and take timed exposures over a 15 minute period while the sun is setting.  Then have a friend who is great in Photoshop combine them for you. I guarantee you my friend, it will get noticed.

Albuquerque real estate picsThe interior shots are no less important however. If you have not hired a professional to use high definition or enfusing (to eliminate lighting and glare issues) then you will want to take them at sunset as well when the light outside is even with the light inside.

What does this mean to you the homeowner? Possibly the difference between a quick sale and no sale. The reason is simple – people tend to judge a book by its cover. Why? Because there are so many books to choose from. If you want yours to stand out then you need to invest in the first thing people will see drawing them in for more.