Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyIf you ‘re looking for some great home pictures this is the right place.

I have been fortunate to be in a position to photograph some really amazing properties in Albuquerque, NM.  Some have the most amazing Spanish hacienda feel graced with Santa Fe style vigas and massive cottonwoods. Still others are Mediterranean style homes.

It doesn’t take a half million dollar home to make a great shoot. I have photographed homes at $100k that were staged right. Two components go into making great pictures:

  1. Staging
  2. Lighting

Staging takes a willingness to unclutter and make the most of the resources at hand. Some sellers hire staging companies to make their homes pop. Many agents have light staging items to give a home a lived in feel. Regardless the pictures will never look great unless the home can be “warmed-up.” Plants, candles and anything that will engage the senses should be used throughout the home.

There are only a few ways to deal with the issues that arise from light and glare pouring through the windows. Even the most expensive cameras cannot just shoot through a daytime window without using some detailed photography tricks. The best idea is to shoot a home at sunset when the light is even outside and inside. Anyone can do this making the pictures look their best. Professional photographers can use high definition and enfusing photography techniques.

Homes of New Mexico

Homes of New Mexico

So click here to see my portfolio and enjoy many of the New Mexican properties that are waiting for a new owner.