Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyThe Southwest MLS has recently changed the amount of pictures that can be uploaded from 25 pictures to 99. I think the idea behind this was to help agents market their homes better.

I have photographed 100’s of homes ranging from $100k to 2.5million in Albuquerque. Even with the best twilight pictures I would never (ever) think about uploading 100 pictures to the MLS. Too much information is NOT a good thing. Remember the goal is to just show enough to get a showing – no more. 15-25 GREAT pictures will accomplish that. Anything more is well, just sharing way too much info. on the first date in my opinion.

A better use would have been to save all that extra money wasted on bandwidth and put it into an online editor to help agents straighten, brighten and color balance their pictures. That won’t put them in the arena of a real estate photographer’s pictures… but at least my clients won’t feel insulted when they look at pictures on the MLS.

My professional opinion is to use a real estate photographer and don’t load more than the best 25…ever! Back it up with a nice virtual tour and property website for a complete online marketing package.