Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyThere are literally hundreds of virtual tour club sites specializing in real estate photography. Many can be found at Realtor.com as they have applied to be able to syndicate their tours to the real estate site. Few if any focus on improving the pictures that stream into their platforms. Most are self serve allowing agents the ability to import their pictures.

Virtual Tour Club will provide its Photo Fix Service to virtual tour providers and property websites platform providers. It’s not just for luxury properties. If an agent has decided not to go with a professional real estate photographer, they can improve their images so that they will show better on the MLS. The service will include a full range of post-production to straighten, crop, color balance and add detail to agents MLS images. There are also semi-pro photographers that do not use any post production on their pictures. They will also benefit from the Photo-Fix service. Look for more on this subject as the service becomes available to the real estate industry.