Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyMy blog last night was a little hard on the real estate video industry. It was late and I was a bit short… well since I entered my 50’s I have been noticeably shrinking. Actually, I wanted to respond to my own post before I go down in flames from the video community.

Honestly, as a professional photographer I was insulted by the terrible quality that this site demo was showing. Meanwhile they were touting how much better video is than photos. I am both a realtor and real estate photographer. I know what buyers are looking for. Video is another platform, which in some instances may work better than photos. A commercial style video, with professional actors, voiceovers and a full lighting crew that can mask windows as they do in the movies so that glare is not an issue works great. This can run up in the tens of thousands of dollars. For the right high-end property, it can be a captivating tool.

On the flip side, the average wannabe videographer walking through a home with his camcorder in his hand will do more harm than good. If you want to see real estate video done correctly visit Photography For Real Estate. Larry spotlights a real estate video every week that uses different techniques. They all have one thing in common… lots of post production. These videos may take from a day up to a week to produce correctly.

So I am not opposed to quality video. I am simply opposed to bad video. Photography is not right for all situations. But keep in mind that ALL MLS listings are based on pictures. Taking a picture from a video still will never be as good as a professional high definition picture. If a buyer surfing the MLS likes the pictures, then they will play the virtual media such as the video. Also, video that includes info about the agent is not allowable in most MLS services. In general, dynamic montage style tours that can be edited on the fly for changes to price, agent info or other profile details are best suited for the internet. If they can later be transformed into a YouTube Video – that’s even better.