Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photographyMost virtual tour platforms offer different formats for agents to upload their pictures and create a virtual tour. Many can add production music and some form of transition. Most offer the ability to write brief descriptions about the picture.

The problem here is that untreated pictures will make a very poor virtual tour presentation… almost always! It’s like adding reverb to a bad recording. Now, we all should agree that the best option is a real estate photographer. But not everyone has access to one… or some professional photographers send their pictures untreated to the customer looking about as bad as an agent who took their own.

The answer is Photo Repair. It is for both agents that take their own pictures and for professional photographers that do not have the time/ability to add post production to their pictures. We manually edit each picture. We add detail, color correction, exposure, white balance, straighten and add special effects such as creating fires or improving sky pictures.

Neither excess window glare or out-of-focus pictures can be repaired with any commercial software at this point in time. So we offer training to help agents learn not to make either of these 2 serious photography mistakes when shooting their listings.
Stay tuned for lots more about Virtual Tour Club’s Photo Fix technology in coming weeks and months.