Virtual Tour Club Releases New Website Branding
Jim Gross Albuquerque real estate photography
There are three things that homes for sale are screaming for with today’s online shopper.

First are great pictures. Unfortunately many homes that are truly a great value don’t get a second look because the realtor photographed into a bright window leaving the room looking dark and uninviting. The best option is to hire a real estate photographer. Many know how to shoot into bright rooms using the latest in high definition bracketing and enfusing technology. They use wide angle lenses and look out for staging in rooms. They also use professional post production technology to add detail and color balance to their images.

Second, Virtual Tours that can play on the MLS and other sites that pull from the MLS such as, Trulia, Zillow, and many others that capture tour data. Today’s virtual tours do not spin and distort. They are well designed photo montages that include motion, music and transitions meant to move buyers to want to see the home.

Lastly, Property Websites. They have become very inexpensive to build, host and manage and have a complete package including contact info for the agent, moving slide shows, video, social media and the ability for updates on the fly. Why do you need a property site if you had a virtual tour made? Simple, tours are hosted on the virtual tour website. From an optimization perspective they only benefit the virtual tour company. A property website will move up the search engine food-chain using your keywords. As an example… you may use keywords like Albuquerque real estate on your property site and the search engine will optimize for those keywords increasing viewers searching online for your keywords.

Great pictures, Virtual Tours and Property Websites will make a complete branding package for your next home listing.