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After spending much time struggling with many of the real estate sites that agents use it is apparent that the real estate agency is due for a technology makeover. Tools like the MLS Multiple Listing Service require agents to upload pictures 1 at a time – a process that can take hours per listing.

Literally none of the search engines, MLS or real estate sites have any sort of image editing software to help agents with their pictures. Honestly, much of it is technology from what appears to be the 90’s. If a picture exceeds the maximum size… rather than not accepting the image, maybe it would be better to have a resize tool that pops up.

I have spent a lot of time on new builder sites and again… more of the same antiquated technology. Once they build a spec home you think they would quickly get professional pictures up on their site. If lucky, you might find a PDF with a floor plan hiding deep within the subpages.

It’s not that I am complaining just to complain. It’s just that I am spending a lot of extra time online and generally can’t find things that my clients are looking for. I often wonder if any of these organizations have tried these sites with a buyer sitting by their side before.

So while it may take years to get platforms that actually work well, I can help with the things I know we all need. Better online tools to process the pictures, tours and property sites that buyers are looking at.