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This is the 2nd in our home selling series. We are discussing the 3 things that must be balanced for a successful home sale: staging, marketing and price.

Staging has become a must-do item on the back side of the recession. Prior to and during agents were not expected to fully stage a house or go room to room with a decluttering wand. Buyers could look past that. Not any more however. Staging is a critical part of the process. Home stagers are coming on the real estate scene and can turn a sale from months to days or hours. While the cost may be between 2,000 – 3,000 to stage a home, professionally staged homes generally sell for more making up the difference. There is a lot of data showing that they sell faster when professionally staged. As an realtor in Albuquerque I often will pay for 1 hour for my clients to consult a professional stager. Even if they have their own furniture, this is money well spent as a stager will help them put finishing touches prior to photography and listing.

Virtual Staging is an affordable option allowing sellers to stage the pictures with a virtual staging company for generally around $60-$70 per room. This new technology also will increase showings and help buyers envision what a home can look like. If a seller is on a tight budget and not able to afford traditional staging this is the next best thing and will increase showing activity. Learn more about virtual tours at marketinghomesonline.com