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At first glance people looking at a virtually staged room might think it is as easy as jumping into Photo Shop and moving pictures of furniture into a picture.

People look at a room from different angles seeing different views of furniture, plants and pictures. This means that a picture needs to have a 360 degree radius using software that can place the image in the correct perspective. Also, because of depth perception furniture closer will appear larger than towards the back of the room. In addition furniture must have appropriate shadows for the location, time and location of the sun in relation to the house. Combined these elements make virtual staging a 360 degree graphic challenge requiring specialized architectural software.

To this end, Staging Pads starts with the picture, optimizing, adding color balance, straightening and preparing to add furniture. Some pictures will not work well as the angle needs to be wide enough to leave room for furniture in the image. To learn more about Staging Pads virtual staging give us a call at 800-894-7033.