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We all hear the words virtual… virtual tour, virtual staging and now, virtual assistant.

Does that mean an assistant that is really not there? Maybe a “cloud assistant” would be a better term. How do you describe something that you can’t really put your fingers on, but is there doing it’s job? In my mind, that is a virtual assistant. Behind the scenes, making your work look and function better, freeing up your time for other challenges and conquests!

Virtual Assistants are becoming very popular in real estate. They can be a vital part of the team as the ball is passed to different members to complete a listing.

As a Virtual Assistant I handle the things that most agents do not have the expertise to deal with. Agents pass their pictures to me and I optimize and repair them. Add post production fire to fireplaces and virtually stage empty rooms. I build virtual tours and syndicate them to real estate search engines such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. I also take the improved pictures and build video and property websites to hit the search engines. It is a full day’s work to do one of our complete listing packages, but they pack a big punch in terms of marketing prowess for agents looking for a killer listing!

To learn more about any of these services just call us at the number below!!