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Top 10 Reasons to consider adding Virtual Staging in a Home to increase traffic.

Simply put, virtual staging is becoming the affordable alternative for building a marketing plan to sell homes. Many times a seller has been forced to move their furniture creating a look that does not help buyers to invision the potential. A little furniture can make the difference between deal or no deal. Here are some of the reasons why virtual staging may work for you and your seller.

1. Increased showings – also has shown to bring higher price offers
2. Affordability – 1/10 the cost of traditional home staging
3. Help buyers envision a furnished home
4. Give the property a “Showroom Model Look”
5. Cut the expenses and workload for agents and sellers
6. Better looking MLS pictures
7. Take control over clutter
8. Create a polished marketing presence
9. Flexibility – furniture and pictures can be customized
10. Buyers will appreciate seeing the potential of a room