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If you are preparing to take pictures to have your listing virtually staged, the following suggestions should help you to get the best possible shots.

1. Use a tripod with your camera so that the pictures are not blurry. They are about $20 at Walmart.

2. Shoot at about 5′ and always keep the camera perfectly level for pictures to be virtually staged

3. Do not shoot into a bright window. During the day stand against a window shooting towards the room

4. Make sure to look at the picture to see it is bright enough and the colors are balanced

5. A wide angle is important to have most of the room to stage, either stand back to the end of the room or get a camera with a wide angle lens. For bedrooms and bathrooms you may even need to stand just outside the room.

6. Show multiple walls. Think about including enough of a room for sofas, plants, pictures, dining tables or whatever you would like to have in the picture.

These are some very basic yet important rules that will prepare your image for good staging. There are two things that cannot be repaired in post production: Out Of Focus Pictures and Excessive Glare (due to shooting into a window).

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