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In many parts of the country rentals have remained strong following the recession. As interest rates dropped like a rock, it did not help the vast majority that could not jump through the mortgage hoops. Most renters however are searching to lease homes and apartments the same way that this generation searches for homes.. with their iPods and phones looking at pictures online.

As this segment of the housing industry becomes more competitive it will no longer be enough to have a few photos of an empty property taken with a cell phone. Clients looking to have you lease their property should be given an affordable budget to professionally market their property. That should include three areas:

1. Professional photos with a wide angle lens to show the property at its best (15-20 photos)

2. If the home is unfurnished use Virtual Staging to show the potential of a property.

3. The Website should have an area on the first page that plays a tour off all available properties. It should be self managing so that as properties are rented they go off the tour list. It is virtually pennies now to have a billboard site for each property.

Imagine the results – less days on the market, higher rentals, marketing that blows away your competition.

Go pro with your home marketing and no-doubt you will join other property management companies around the country that are seeing great results from their professional home marketing. 010

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