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Will 2014 be the year for mainstream real estate to turn to virtual staging for properties that need to look great on a budget?

Consider that last year saw a tremendous increase in traditional staging for MLS listed properties. This was in a direct correlation to an increase of agents using professional real estate photographers. Realtors are using the formula of staging, marketing and pricing to sell homes. Since virtually all home sales start online with the pictures agents realize that the initial presentation is key to a timely home sale.

Virtual staging is becoming an integral part of the home staging process for sellers that have moved leaving their home vacant during the listing period. Virtual staging gives buyers an idea of the potential of a home… without the clutter. Sellers can virtually stage on average for about one tenth the cost of traditional staging.

Staging Pads is here to make your first virtual staging order go smoothly with our 24 hour turn around service for your pictures. Have your photographer go out first and take the pictures, then choose 4-5 key pictures to send to us for the staging process. Experience more showings on your listings in 2014 with virtual staging!  virtual staging living room