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If you have been thinking about the best and most cost effective way to stage your listings perhaps you have come across virtual staging. This is where a company takes your image and adds furniture, pictures and generally gives it a bling to list in the MLS.

This is no doubt a great idea for sellers that do not have the thousands required to do a full house staging project. Most online services will virtually stage a picture for $60 – $100. However, as one of those companies, Staging Pads will reject over 50% of the photos that are submitted. In 2013, we rejected about 75% of photos due to the size or orientation. We would get pictures where the photographer had the camera on the floor, or too much glare, or my favorite which was often the case: the agent would send us a copy right from the MLS that was about the size of a thumbnail to stage.

There is a better way. Plan for the staging right from the start. Call the staging company you intend to hire and find out how the pictures should be photographed for the best staging. Next, hire a real estate photographer to take the images and have the full size images sent to the staging company. Plan your budget and time to get quality graphics that will blow your sellers away. The final staging will only be as good as the initial photograph. To see what before and after pictures should look like visit Staging Pads demo tour site. Virtual Staging Demo

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