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Staging Pads gets emails from agents often asking about software and techniques needed to virtually stage a home.

A few companies are currently developing beta versions of software which will eventually allow agents to stage their own properties. There will be a downside to this as quality, staged items and disclosure will not be monitored by professionals.

Currently the average client sends us pictures that cannot be staged due to the size of the image, height, angle or glare. We typically spend several days working with an agent to get the picture right for staging. Agents are their best at marketing, closing and working through the details of a transaction, leaving high quality graphic marketing details to professionals. Professional photography improves the staging process.

Products like Photoshop are just one of many software products that are needed. We have access to 1,000’s of pieces of furniture that are 3D and can be turned 360 degrees. Lighting and shadows are applied to furniture. It has to be resized based upon the depth of the photo. There are other software products that allows us to turn furniture and move it up and down. We generally add fire to fireplaces. So it really takes years of experience to make a room look realistic.virtually staged dining room

Most importantly, we need to be extremely careful that we are not staging any elements that convey, such as landscaping, flooring and window coverings. Some MLS’ are already refusing to accept “digitally altered” photos. Disclosure in the MLS will insure that buyers are loving the potential of your listing as seen through virtually staged photos.