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Effective real estate marketing has many elements. Many agents overlook possible places that buyers are looking.

We all have heard that in excess of 90% of buyers start their search online. The pictures are the most important first impression. Yet still 50% of agents are taking their own pictures. Yesterday I explained to an agent that we need to complete the virtual tour and choose good music. She shrugged the comment off as a waste of time. I am not sure that she understood that her tour would syndicate to Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com where buyers are looking. Also, don’t think she thought through that music is one of two senses that you can use when looking online. Also, not sure she ever had it explained that buyers set up appointments to view homes from an emotional place, that a tour and pictures can take them to.

It’s all preparation for the showing! Clean, fix and declutter. Stage or virtually stage, get professional real estate pictures and create a nice tour. Most importantly, syndicate to all the major real estate search engines. Don’t overlook any details from the music on the tour to the look of the front door entrance!

While this is a very general overview, as a real estate photographer, agent and virtual staging developer I am amazed that most listings I see are missing several of these simple key elements.

Happy marketing!