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Realtors, home builders, flippers and professionals wanting to virtually stage a home will find that virtual tour operators have started offering staging into their product line.

One by one virtual tour companies are starting to show up in the Google search results for Virtual Staging. Why are they getting in to this territory which, for the past 8 years has been dominated by a few online companies that have mastered the furniture and software needed to move it around a room in a 3D fashion. It has evolved to the point where an empty room can look great even for as little as $60-$75 per room. A bargain for the first thing a potential buyer will see on the MLS or real estate search engines.

There is one concern though with virtual tour companies doing this kind of work. Almost all have made their living by offering a self-serve platform where agents could load their own photos and add music, motion and text. There was never ANY concern about the quality of the photos uploaded which often resulted in ineffective marketing. Some agents however were smart enough to use a real estate photographer on their team which made all the difference in convincing a buyer to view the property. Kind of like a musician recording an album in the studio – No matter how much reverb you add to the mix if the performance is bad… Howard Restaged (1)

Virtual Staging

So if you use one of the virtual tour companies you may not always get personal advice about the photos and staging. At Staging Pads we work with agents to get the photos right before we stage them assuring persuasive marketing on the MLS. None of the companies that specialize in virtual staging run high volume do-it-yourself software that leaves something this tricky to the consumer. In most cases when you call you are talking to the owner. This is how most agents want to submit their photos before they blow their advertising budget on bad staging. Check out our virtual staging sampler.