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As a real estate photographer who is always looking for a better way to help realtors® sell their listings I turned to Virtual Staging.

It seemed like a natural extension of what I already do. Fortunately about 75% of the homes I shoot are already staged, either by a home stager, the realtor® or the seller’s furniture. That leaves about one out of four homes that are vacant. Typically, home owners don’t choose not to stage their home. It simply does not fall within their budget. Lowering the home price should not always be the standard response for listing homes that may not show favorably. Virtual staging is an option that usually may fall within the marketing budget of the listing broker. Because it has been shown to result in quicker sales it is a great motivation for using this type of staging where typical home staging is not an option.

So how can a photographer use this new product to help their customers when out in the field shooting homes. I always ask before I shoot a home about the staging. If I know I am going to be shooting a vacant home I will ask the agent about the possibility of adding on virtual staging for 3 or 4 of the primary rooms. About half the time I have found that agents find it in their budget to help increase showings.

Staging Pads is owned by a real estate photographer and realtor® who understands all the complexities of how a home should best be shot for great looking staging. We also help with post staging needs such as tours and syndication for the pictures. We are a perfect fit for real estate photographers. Next time you have a vacant listing give us a call.